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Article: Celebrating Women's Day with CLM Home

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Celebrating Women's Day with CLM Home

This Women’s Day, we want to highlight and celebrate what it means to be a woman in business. There is a long history to prove why it is necessary to shed light on the brilliance of women who have smashed through the “glass ceiling” and how they continue to lead the way in many sectors of industry in South Africa.

CLM Home’s team is 80% female and made up of women of all generations. Our Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Janine Pedersen, has been with the company for 15 years, taking on the role of CEO in 2021. Celebrating the success of females in business. We are in a time when more women are running Fortune 500 companies than at any other point in history. Having moved through multiple positions within the business, Janine’s journey to CEO has provided her with great insight and enhanced her own interpersonal skills. “One of our greatest advantages as a female in business, is our ability to empathize, which acts as a catalyst to forming meaningful relationships. Being a female in this specific industry has also allowed me to better understand what matters to our customers”, she explains. The team responds well to the dynamic leadership Janine brings everyday. We all have a mutual respect for each others roles and compliment these well - Caitlin, Marketing Coordinator, CLM Home



What keeps Janine motivated? Well, several things…

First and foremost, she is motivated by her passion she had held for CLM Home for the past 15 years. The company started its roots as an online childrens furniture store and has grown exponentially into the flourishing bespoke home store it is today. “Meeting challenges head on is what drives me” says Janine. I believe I am at my best when I have to take responsibility for brainstorming new solutions that will enable the business to thrive”, she explains. ‘’I am motivated by learning new things. If I get the opportunity to take on a new skill, I feel as if I am continually improving my depth of knowledge’’, she adds. Importantly, Janine is motivated by being the breadwinner and providing for her family. “I am only able to continually achieve this goal if I keep improving and evolving with the business”, she says.

What stands women apart?

Globally, CEO’s often say that soft skills are key advantage points for women in business. “There are a number of qualities which I feel have stood me well in the role of CEO. The first being creativity”, said Janine. It has enabled her to think outside of the box, come up with unique and innovative solutions to any obstacles and to constantly reimagine the big picture. Considering that a large part of the business exists digitally, her technical background in IT is a key quality that has stood Janine well in the role of CEO, and “has allowed me to become fully immersed in all the digital aspects of the business”, she explains. In the all-encompassing role of CEO, there are daily stressors which require calmness in order to think logically and how best to address them, “this quality has been one that I have had to keep improving on over time but without it, would be detrimental’’, said Janine. Janine puts great importance on the connections between daily basic tasks and long term goals, ensuring that the evolving ‘big picture’ is shared with her team. “This enables them to better understand their role and how they can best contribute to my big picture thinking”, she explains. “Don't forget humour! Not only is it a great stress reliever, but more importantly, humour often reveals the authentic person lurking under the professional mask. In turn creating an upbeat atmosphere that encourages innovation and thinking outside the box’’, said Janine. Janine has knowledge of every aspect of the business and this bring a multi dimensional vision” - Christine, New Business Development, CLM Home


Reflecting back and to the future of CLM Home Having spent the last 15 years building the brand to where it is today, Janine is excited for the future. “There have been so many memories made but one of my all time bests was winning second place after Yuppiechef for Best Website of the Year 2018”, Janine says ( I am incredibly grateful for the support that Deneb Group provides myself and CLM Home. They are always available to listen and assist when needed and provide us with an invaluable platform financially to take the company to new heights. Importantly, being part of the Deneb Investment Ltd, with its 17 companies, has allowed for some strategic opportunities for cross-collaboration amongst the Group, she explains.

From the small intimate beginning in Pringle Bay 17 years ago, CLM Home has fast become the quality brand of choice with exquisite furniture designs for the Home and the foresight to build on statement pieces, as the needs of families grow.

“Carpe Diem” or Seize the Day! A quote I reference each and everyday, ensuring our mission of providing the finest quality products and exceptional service is always guaranteed’’, states Janine

CLM Home is a leading supplier and online provider of stylish nursery and home furniture and is a flourishing home décor brand used to create a home and space that evokes calm and supreme creativity.

CLM Home falls under the ownership structure of Deneb Investments Limited a Level 2 B-BBEE contributor. For more information on CLM Home products, contact Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn for our latest news and décor insights.

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