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Article: CLM Home shows love in giving

CLM Home shows love in giving

CLM Home shows love in giving

Giving back to the community and supporting local initiatives means a lot to us at CLM Home. This past Mandela Day we donated 18 large mattresses, varying from single, to three-quarter to double, and seven cot mattresses to a wonderful non-profit in Johannesburg, Juno Aurora Haven.

Before we tell you a little bit more about Juno Aurora Haven and all the incredible things they do, we thought it was important to highlight the significance of Mandela Day to our international clients and suppliers.

The Significance of Mandela Day

In 2009, the United Nations declared the 18th of July to be celebrated as Mandela Day in honour of Nelson Mandela. This day is not a public holiday, but rather an opportunity to acknowledge the life and work of Nelson Mandela through community service, volunteering and giving back. This year, we wanted to do something which would have a real and direct impact on the community around us.


Juno Aurora Haven

At CLM Home, Juno Aurora Haven was the perfect place to give back to the children of our community. It is a children’s home, which caters to children whose guardians are unable to take care of them. When/if the time comes that the guardian is ready to look after them, the children are placed back with the parent while Juno Aurora Haven monitors the situation. There are also a few orphaned children who live permanently in the care of those at the home.

Their Beginnings

The original centre was opened on the 1st of February 2001 with 6 children. By 2009, the centre provided support for about 80 to 90 children between the ages of three months and fifteen years old. Most of the children at Juno Aurora Haven are from single-parent homes and living situations affixed with HIV or TB.

Ms Chaya Fenwick, who founded the Juno Aurora Haven wanted to create a safe space for children who fell between the cracks: whether it was parents who could not support them, abuse victims or situations where the authorities lacked the resources to support them. These children have nowhere to go, which makes an initiative such as Juno Aurora Haven so vital.


Juno’s Mission

One of Juno Aurora Haven’s main aims is to extract children from these dangerous home environments to try and prevent them from following the same life path as their caregivers/parents.

Another way this is done is through the educational environment created by the home. Juno Aurora Haven provides the children with theme-based lessons, perceptual and creative activities and a school readiness program for the children going to primary school the following year.

The subjects taught in this program include preparation for writing and reading, positive communication skills, hand-eye coordination, art, and general life skills. The home also provides the children with three well-balanced cooked meals a day, two snacks and fruit and yoghurt as often as the limited funds will allow.

CLM Home was absolutely delighted to be able to do our part in brightening the lives of the children at Juno Aurora Haven by donating some of our mattresses.


If you are interested in donating to Juno Aurora Haven, please visit their website to learn more -

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