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Article: Going Eco-Friendly For Our Kids

Eco Friendly Kids | CLM Home

Going Eco-Friendly For Our Kids

Eco-friendly, natural living is easier than you thought. It’s surprisingly simple to incorporate small changes into your daily life that make a positive, impactful change.

CLM Home understands that sustainability is key and carries a wide range of all natural, eco-friendly products because being in the kid's industry would have no meaning if we are not giving back to those we create for - our children.

Join us in making small changes that lead to making a big difference. While you’re helping us save the planet, why not enlist the help of your kids too? If we all educate our children on strategies that can be integrated into everyday life, the impact will be huge. Not immediate, but at least it will make a (huge) difference over their lifetime.

Kids naturally love being outdoors, so encourage spending time outside. Cut down on electronic use, and in my experience, as long as they’re outside, they’re happy! See our handmade Canopy Tents that can be hung outside on a lovely day and Teepee Tents to inspire a love for outdoor (and indoor) play.

Kids love to create new things. They love to see things grow and love knowing their actions helped make those things grow. Gardening is the perfect activity that helps the earth, so help them grow a veggie garden!

Make your indoor play time even better with an all-natural, 100% cotton or wool machine-washable Lorena Canals Rug, so spills don't matter.

Under their motto "Cool Kids Eat Healthy", Lorena Canals, and her daughters, Olimpia and Carolina have combined the textile world of the Lorena Canals brand with the whimsical veggie world of the natural toys brand of Oli & Carol. Lorena Canals is the creator of the washable rug concept. She designs natural cotton and wool washable rugs with matching textile accessories for home decor. 

This mom and daughters team, collaborated to create a kids’ textile decor collection that features the veggie world. This veggie-themed capsule collection captures children’s interest in gardening and nature, providing fun playtime indoors and avoiding all the mess! Its designs prompt child interaction by stimulating role play and sensorial experimentation, sparking self-discovery in true Montessori fashion.

All items are aligned with their brand values, and are handmade in natural cotton, using non-toxic dyes to guarantee a safe, kid-friendly environment.

Take a look at our Lorena Canals collections to find contemporary textile decor, yet practical and fuss-fee, ideal for kids' rooms and nurseries, and for the home as a whole, allowing mix & match, and for a perfectly coordinated style!

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