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Article: Hanging Decor Ideas for Kids Rooms

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Hanging Decor Ideas for Kids Rooms

Ceiling and wall hangings are a simple and easy way to add some modern design style to your kid's room. You can use them as a focal point or set the aesthetic to a room, or you can just use them for a little bit of interest.

There are a number of ways that you can incorporate hanging decor into your kid's room, and there is something out there for everyone.

Ceiling Hangings

One of the most common decor ideas for kids' rooms is to add some sort of pendant light fixture in the center of the ceiling. This will provide ambient lighting without taking up space on the floor or cluttering up your kid's bedroom with furniture where they need an open play area, or it can make a great spot for reading and relaxing by adding some task lighting. There are many options that range from simple paper lanterns to more modern night lights, and more.

Wall Hangings
There are dozens of wall hanging decor ideas for kids' rooms, but most center around themes that are popular with children. Wall hangings don't have to be permanent fixtures, either.

There are many options out there that simply use small adhesive hooks or some other type of material that suctions onto the walls without damaging them. This makes adding and removing the decorations easy so you can change up the look whenever desired.

Modern Mobiles & Pendants
Kids' mobiles have come a long way in the modern design department. Nowadays, there are dozens of options out there where your kids will love the look and you'll like how it adds an extra bit of flair and style to their room.

Some modern designs include handmade mobiles made out of wooden pearls and tassels, while others have more abstract shapes that come in bright colors.

Modern pendants are another great option when it comes to adding wall hangings to children's rooms. These typically don't include any bells or whistles, so they're perfect for a bedroom where quiet time is necessary during nap time or bedtime.

Kids' Wall Decals & Murals

Wall decals used to consist of cartoon characters and other fun decorations with edgy outlines, but nowadays they've become part of the interior design world. Wall decals are becoming more popular in homes & children's rooms, adding a little bit of flair that gets kids excited about their surroundings. While wall murals feature classic paintings with smooth transitions between colors, wall decals typically consist of one or two basic shapes on top of an accent colour.

There are many ways to incorporate all types of decor into your little one's bedroom, hanging decor being one the more effective and affordable ways, as you can find a lot of them on the market. Decor items make your children's room come to life and reflect their interests, making it more engaging for them. We offer a wide selection of room decor that will help you create the perfect room for your kids.

If you find yourself with an afternoon to spare, pop into one of our showrooms to have a quick squiz around!


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