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Article: Why Add Natural Fibres to Your Kids Room?

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Why Add Natural Fibres to Your Kids Room?


Why Add Natural Fibres to Your Kids Room?

Whether you are planning a natural style kids room or you simply want to ensure that your little one's space is free of synthetic materials, natural fibres are always a great choice. Advantages of natural materials include breathability, strength, and a reduced carbon footprint.

From highly sustainable plant-based fibres such as hemp all the way to organic cotton, durable rattan, and practical seagrass, it is not too hard to find beautiful products made from high-quality materials designed to last. In this mini-guide, we take a look at some of our favourite natural materials that appeal in a variety of kids room storage, bedding, decor, and furniture.


Jute is a vegetable fibre, mostly grown in tropical countries like India and Bangladesh.

It's easy to produce, sturdy, and biodegradable so it's the perfect material to use in handmade rugs, shopping bags, curtains, flour sacks, sacks to carry grains like wheat and rice, and into fabric.

Jute fabric is often used to make outdoor cushions, jute laundry baskets, and aprons because it's so sturdy. But it's the jute rugs we love best.

In fact, jute fabric is the second most versatile fabric after cotton, and the second most common fibre grown and used across the world.

But the best thing about jute is it uses way less water to produce, and the production of jute is much more eco-friendly than any other fabric.


A firm favourite in homes all over the world for centuries, cotton is made from the cotton plant. The best choice of cotton is unprocessed and unbleached cotton. If you're looking for beautiful cotton bedding, try a duvet set from our exclusive Signature Range.

Signature Duvet Set - Rose - Single - CLM Home

Signature Duvet Set - Blush Pink - Single - CLM Home

Signature Duvet Set - Pistachio - Single - CLM Home

Signature Duvet Set - Ivory - Single - CLM Home

Einstein Desk Lamp - CLM Home


Seagrass is used to create baskets as well as woven placemats. These flowering plants grow in salt-water environments. Woven seagrass is used to create strong, durable items, such as our popular Geometric Seagrass Rugs, which are available in various sizes.

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