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Article: This season's trending Spring colours and the psychology behind them

Spring Colours | CLM Home

This season's trending Spring colours and the psychology behind them

Colour is an incredibly powerful tool. It can be used to influence mood, and encourage action and it can even cause physiological reactions. There is a phenomenon called colour psychology, which assigns psychological and emotional connotations to colours and the way people react to them.

Let’s explore some of the key trends in colour this Spring and the impact they have on your home and YOU.


First up is the beautiful and fresh, green. Universally, green is often associated with nature, bringing to mind things like forests, trees and leaves. It is described as a tranquil, calming colour, making it a wonderful addition to any home. Its restful nature encourages stability, growth, healing and self-reliance.

Green has been proven to relieve stress and promote healing. People can also feel more at ease in new places due to shades of green being present, which is a handy trick to keep in mind for your next move. Due to all of these inviting, calming characteristics, we suggest adding a pop of green to your bedroom, living room or kitchen to gain maximum benefit from the colour.

A great option available on CLM Home’s website is the Zanzibar Green Wallpaper. This intricately drawn, jungle-themed wallpaper will subtly add the perfect amount of green to any room.


Yellow is a visible colour which does not need to be overused to be noticed. It is a happy colour which can universally be seen as uplifting and hopeful. Yellow is also said to be the colour of the mind, as it resonates with the left, logical side of the brain as well as encourages creativity.

Yellow can also cause an atmosphere of excitement and energy, making it perfect for some rooms and less ideal for others. For example, we recommend using yellow sparingly in your living room, bathroom, kitchen or dining room. Spaces such as your bedroom should rather be avoided for this colour.

A subtle, yet effective product to add a splash of yellow to your space is CLM Home’s Lighthouse Floor Lamp. This beautifully crafted structure will bring the right amount of joy into your house without feeling overwhelming.


Another colour which is trending this spring is orange. It is a colour which represents brightness, happiness and optimism. Orange is universally regarded as the colour of sunsets and fruits, creating joyful connotations around the colour. This will cause people to draw positive associations with it and subconsciously feel happy in its presence.

Orange is also an energetic colour which can bring about an atmosphere of high energy and excitement. This is the reason so many sports teams use orange in their branding. Due to its stimulating effect and its promotion of activity, we recommend using orange in a playroom, exercise room or entertaining space.

A must-have orange addition to any room in your home is one of CLM Home’s Velur Cushion Covers. We guarantee you will fall in love with both this super-soft cushion cover’s look and feel.


Last but not least, is a comfort colour for many, pink. This is a calming colour, often associated with love and kindness. For a long time, pink was equated to femininity, however recently it has definitely become a more neutral colour, allowing everyone to enjoy it. It boosts creativity and creates a safe feeling environment. Pink is often linked to innocence, playfulness, romance, warmth and healing. For these reasons, we believe pink is best suited for your bedroom, office or nursery.

A lovely way to incorporate pink into your home is either through something subtle like CLM Home’s Litho Pink Wallpaper or alternatively through the Luna Cot Bedding Set (to fill your little one's room with love).

The beauty with colour is, that with your choice of quality CLM Home furniture pieces in place, it requires only one or two small tweaks to change the mood. We have a spectacular range of soft furnishings, linen, wallpaper & decals, lamps and mats with beautiful colours that can bring a whole new vibe to your room and is always a sure way to embrace the new season!

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