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Save 75%Royal Cushion Cover - Salmon.Royal Cushion Cover - Salmon.
Royal Cushion Cover - Salmon Sale priceR 112.50 Regular priceR 450.00
Save 75%Rata Tray - LargeRata Tray - Large
Rata Tray - Large Sale priceR 199.00 Regular priceR 790.00
Save 73%Ales Wall Clock - BlackAles Wall Clock - Black
Ales Wall Clock - Black Sale priceR 99.00 Regular priceR 370.00
Save 30%Anathi Raffia Pendant.
Anathi Raffia Pendant Sale priceR 1,393.00 Regular priceR 1,990.00
Save 25%Bala VaseBala Vase
Bala Vase Sale priceR 337.50 Regular priceR 450.00
Save 25%Barell Glass Vase
Barell Glass Vase Sale priceR 517.50 Regular priceR 690.00
Save 75%Air Rug - Savannah Red 170X240.Air Rug - Savannah Red 170X240.
Air Rug - Savannah Red 170X240 Sale priceR 1,137.50 Regular priceR 4,550.00
Save 25%Bea High Plant PotBea High Plant Pot
Bea High Plant Pot Sale priceR 637.50 Regular priceR 850.00
Save 50%Birds Jewellery HangerBirds Jewellery Hanger
Birds Jewellery Hanger Sale priceR 95.00 Regular priceR 190.00
Save 25%Bork Vase
Bork Vase Sale priceR 337.50 Regular priceR 450.00
Save 25%Cala Placemat - Set Of 2Cala Placemat - Set Of 2
Cala Placemat - Set Of 2 Sale priceR 217.50 Regular priceR 290.00
Save 50%Cando Square Cushion Cover - Multicolour.Cando Square Cushion Cover - Multicolour.
Cando Square Cushion Cover - Multicolour Sale priceR 495.00 Regular priceR 990.00
Save 30%Large Slot ContainerLarge Slot Container
Container for Slot Board - Large Sale priceR 1,140.00 Regular priceR 1,630.00
Save 75%Custom Backrest Cushion - Beige.Custom Backrest Cushion - Beige.
Custom Backrest Cushion - Beige Sale priceR 750.00 Regular priceR 2,990.00
Save 75%Custom Seat Cushion - Beige.Custom Seat Cushion - Beige.
Custom Seat Cushion - Beige Sale priceR 780.00 Regular priceR 3,150.00
Save 30%Einstein Desk Lamp.Einstein Desk Lamp.
Einstein Desk Lamp Sale priceR 699.00 Regular priceR 999.00

2 colors available

Save 30%Large Felt Slot PocketLarge Felt Slot Pocket
Felt Pocket for Slot Board - Large Sale priceR 336.00 Regular priceR 480.00
Save 30%Slot Felt PocketSlot Felt Pocket
Felt Pocket for Slot Board - Small Sale priceR 217.00 Regular priceR 310.00
Save 25%Storage GUNNAR II glass VA4101-18TF
Gunnar Vase - Medium Sale priceR 243.75 Regular priceR 325.00
Save 50%Storage GUNNAR III glass VA4101-15TC
Gunnar Vase - Small Sale priceR 145.00 Regular priceR 290.00
Save 25%Harmony Wine CarafeHarmony Wine Carafe
Harmony Wine Carafe Sale priceR 360.00 Regular priceR 480.00
Save 25%Jute BasketJute Basket
Jute Basket 40x38cm Sale priceR 390.00 Regular priceR 520.00
Save 25%Legend DecanterLegend Decanter
Legend Decanter Sale priceR 570.00 Regular priceR 760.00
Save 50%Levo Photo Frame - Blue
Levo Photo Frame - Blue Sale priceR 62.50 Regular priceR 125.00
Save 50%Storage MEA III ceramics VO26-105-H11D
Mea Storage Pot Sale priceR 145.00 Regular priceR 290.00
Save 50%Pelo PlacematPelo Placemat
Pelo Placemat Sale priceR 95.00 Regular priceR 190.00
Save 25%Posh Vase - LargePosh Vase - Large
Posh Vase - Large Sale priceR 975.00 Regular priceR 1,300.00
Save 25%Posh Vase - SmallPosh Vase - Small
Posh Vase - Small Sale priceR 675.00 Regular priceR 900.00
Save 25%Round Woven Rug 1.2M.
Round Woven Rug 1.2M Sale priceR 1,199.25 Regular priceR 1,599.00
On saleSafro Rug - Black.Safro Rug - Black.
Safro Rug - Black Sale priceFrom R 997.50 Regular priceR 3,990.00
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