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Vox Decor

Vox Decor

Our VOX decor range is simply marvellous - with effortless designs which offer fun, quirky and quintessential elements for your children’s rooms or any space in your home.

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Save 25%Splendour Red Wine Glasses - Set Of 6
Splendour Red Wine Glasses - Set Of 6 Sale priceR 592.50 Regular priceR 790.00
Save 25%Legend DecanterLegend Decanter
Legend Decanter Sale priceR 570.00 Regular priceR 760.00
Save 25%Harmony Wine CarafeHarmony Wine Carafe
Harmony Wine Carafe Sale priceR 360.00 Regular priceR 480.00
Save 25%Jute BasketJute Basket
Jute Basket 40x38cm Sale priceR 390.00 Regular priceR 520.00
Save 50%Tay Vase
Tay Vase Sale priceR 120.00 Regular priceR 240.00
Save 25%Bork Vase
Bork Vase Sale priceR 337.50 Regular priceR 450.00
Save 25%Bala VaseBala Vase
Bala Vase Sale priceR 337.50 Regular priceR 450.00
Save 25%Posh Vase - LargePosh Vase - Large
Posh Vase - Large Sale priceR 975.00 Regular priceR 1,300.00
Save 25%Posh Vase - SmallPosh Vase - Small
Posh Vase - Small Sale priceR 675.00 Regular priceR 900.00
Save 25%Verti Vase
Verti Vase Sale priceR 712.50 Regular priceR 950.00
Save 50%Zen Vase
Zen Vase Sale priceR 125.00 Regular priceR 250.00
Save 25%Cala Placemat - Set Of 2Cala Placemat - Set Of 2
Cala Placemat - Set Of 2 Sale priceR 217.50 Regular priceR 290.00
Save 50%Pelo PlacematPelo Placemat
Pelo Placemat Sale priceR 95.00 Regular priceR 190.00
Save 75%Rata Tray - LargeRata Tray - Large
Rata Tray - Large Sale priceR 199.00 Regular priceR 790.00
Save 50%Levo Photo Frame - Blue
Levo Photo Frame - Blue Sale priceR 62.50 Regular priceR 125.00
Save 25%Bea High Plant PotBea High Plant Pot
Bea High Plant Pot Sale priceR 637.50 Regular priceR 850.00
Save 25%Spot Box For TablesSpot Box For Tables
Spot Box For Tables Sale priceR 472.50 Regular priceR 630.00
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