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Cot Duvet Inner Duck Down 80X120

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The Cot Duvet Inner - Duck Down 80x120 ensures you have the highest quality bedding for your little one. The filling utilised to manufacture the duvet complies with European Down andFeather Association (EDFA) standards. This means that the raw materials used are washed, sterilised, de-dusted and graded according to the following European standards: EN12934, EN12935,EN1164 and EN12130. The raw materials used are traceable to their farm of origin, certified and carry the ESRM mark. Each product has a lot numbercertifying the source of the raw materials, and assures that no birds were harmed in the harvesting of the down filling, since EDFA approved farms only use ethical practices. The Cot Duvet Inner carries the ESRM mark, which assures customers that the raw materials used to make their duvet were not sourced from a farm that uses unethical practices.

  • 80cm x 120cm TOG: 13
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