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Little Greyton - Stroller Cards

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These durable wooden stroller cards can attach to the stroller or car seat, ensuring your little ones’ hands always have something within reach to keep them busy.

Inspired by the Little Greyton Collection, this is a bright and colourful activity with big cards that are easy to turn over and are double sided with beautiful designs.

There is an attachment for the stroller or car seat.

  • 105mmx 83mm x 16mm
  • Packaging contents: 6 [ double sided activity ]
  • Fine motor skills: Grasping and holding an object with both hands.
  • Language skills: New vocabulary, saying and hearing new words, learning to turn a page and  listen.
  • Perception skills: Visual Figure Ground ad  Visual Discrimination
Little Greyton - Stroller Cards
Little Greyton - Stroller Cards Sale priceR 290.00