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Shelving is an absolute necessity in kids' bedrooms to help store toys, books and keepsakes. Choose from our clever shelving solutions and bookshelf solutions to keep your child's space neat and tidy!

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Sold outConcept Narrow Bookcase.Concept Narrow Bookcase.
Concept Narrow Bookcase Sale priceR 4,500.00
Save 30%Large Slot ContainerLarge Slot Container
Container for Slot Board - Large Sale priceR 1,140.00 Regular priceR 1,630.00
Save 30%Large Felt Slot PocketLarge Felt Slot Pocket
Felt Pocket for Slot Board - Large Sale priceR 336.00 Regular priceR 480.00
Save 30%Slot Felt PocketSlot Felt Pocket
Felt Pocket for Slot Board - Small Sale priceR 217.00 Regular priceR 310.00
Save 30%Slot PinsSlot Pins
Set of Pegs for Slot Board Sale priceR 266.00 Regular priceR 380.00
Save 25%Simple Bookcase Shelf with Hooks - Black
Simple Bookcase Shelf with Hooks - Black Sale priceR 1,875.00 Regular priceR 2,500.00
Simple Bookcase Shelf with Hooks - White
Simple Double Bookcase - Black.
Simple Double Bookcase - Black Sale priceR 7,900.00
Simple Double Bookcase - Oak.
Simple Double Bookcase - Oak Sale priceR 5,250.00
Simple Double Bookcase - White.Simple Double Bookcase - White.
Simple Double Bookcase - White Sale priceR 5,250.00
Simple Low Bookcase  - Oak.Simple Low Bookcase  - Oak.
Simple Low Bookcase - Oak Sale priceR 5,830.00
Simple Low Bookcase - Black.Simple Low Bookcase - Black.
Simple Low Bookcase - Black Sale priceR 9,500.00
Simple Low Bookcase - WhiteSimple Low Bookcase - White.
Simple Single Bookcase - Black.
Simple Single Bookcase - Black Sale priceR 5,900.00
Simple Single Bookcase - Oak.
Simple Single Bookcase - Oak Sale priceR 3,500.00
Sold outSimple Wide Bookcase - Oak.
Simple Wide Bookcase - Oak Sale priceR 7,900.00
Simple Wide Bookcase - White.Simple Wide Bookcase - White.
Simple Wide Bookcase - White Sale priceR 7,900.00
Save 30%Slot ArraySlot Array
Slot Board - 60 x 60 Sale priceR 959.00 Regular priceR 1,370.00
Save 31%Slot Board Set ISlot Board Set I
Slot Board Set #1 Sale priceR 1,400.00 Regular priceR 2,030.00
Save 30%Slot Board Set IISlot Board Set II
Slot Board Set #2 Sale priceR 1,785.00 Regular priceR 2,550.00
Stella Narrow Bookshelf
Stella Narrow Bookshelf Sale priceR 3,850.00
Stige Bookcase - Pine.
Stige Bookcase - Pine Sale priceR 3,400.00
Tom Tom Bookcase - Charcoal.Tom Tom Bookcase - Charcoal.
Tom Tom Bookcase - White.Tom Tom Bookcase - White.
Tom Tom Bookcase - White Sale priceR 9,220.00
Tom Tom Cubby - Charcoal & OakTom Tom Cubby - Charcoal & Oak
Tom Tom Cubby - Charcoal & Oak Sale priceR 5,250.00
Tom Tom Cubby - Oak & WhiteTom Tom Cubby - Oak & White
Tom Tom Cubby - Oak & White Sale priceR 5,250.00
Tom Tom Foyer Shoe Bench -  White -  CharcoalTom Tom Foyer Shoe Bench -  White -  Charcoal
Foyer Shoe Bench - Charcoal -  Seafoam SeatTom Tom Foyer Shoe Bench - Charcoal -  Seafoam Seat
Tom Tom Reading Nook - Charcoal.Tom Tom Reading Nook - Charcoal.
Tom Tom Reading Nook - Charcoal Sale priceR 10,680.00
Tom Tom Reading Nook - White.Tom Tom Reading Nook - White.
Tom Tom Reading Nook - White Sale priceR 10,680.00
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