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The Stige collection allows your child to design and create their own space. This collection of modular furniture creates custom-made rooms for your child or teenager!

Create your room from the Stige collection of beds, bookcases, desks, desk cabinets, shelves, storage units, organisers and more!

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Stige Bed Frame and Front.Stige Bed Frame and Front.
Stige Bed Frame and Front Sale priceR 5,800.00
Small Ladder Of Couch/Bed Stige By Vox Pine
Stige Bookcase - Pine.
Stige Bookcase - Pine Sale priceR 3,400.00
Stige Storage Unit - Pine/Taupe.Stige Storage Unit - Pine/Taupe.
Stige Storage Unit - Pine/Taupe Sale priceR 3,400.00
Stige Storage Drawer Unit - Pine/white.Stige Storage Drawer Unit - Pine/white.
Stige Low Chest of Drawers - Grey.Stige Low Chest of Drawers - Grey.
Stige Organiser - Large.Stige Organiser - Large.
Stige Organiser - Large Sale priceR 750.00
Stige Organiser - Small.Stige Organiser - Small.
Stige Organiser - Small Sale priceR 550.00
Stige 1 Door Cabinet - Grey.Stige 1 Door Cabinet - Grey.
Stige 1 Door Cabinet - Grey Sale priceR 2,400.00
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