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Bebe Pure - Daisy House Play Set

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The Daisy House play set is inspired by the flowers of our Little Greyton Collection.

This beautiful peg doll family will grow with your child as they start as nursery décor and quickly transform into dolls for a wooden doll house, or free play situations. Once your child no longer uses it as a toy, you can use it as décor in your home. They also come with their own house to enhance play.

  • 185mm x 160mm x 57mm
  • Fine motor skills: Grasping and releasing at a specific place.
  • Language skills: Using different tones of voice when speaking as one of the dolls. Using full sentences when speaking
  • Socio-emotional skills: Social skills, sharing and cooperation.
Bebe Pure - Daisy House Play Set
Bebe Pure - Daisy House Play Set Sale priceR 390.00