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Little Greyton - Country Puzzle

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These easy-to-hold chunky puzzle pieces will keep your toddler's attention as they plan and fit the pieces into the correct hole on the board, improving their fine motor skills.

All elements are inspired by a small animals pottering around a sleepy village.

  • 299mm x 395mm x17mm
  • Fine motor skills:¬†Grasping and releasing at a specific place. Eye-hand coordination
  • Language skills:¬†Naming items on the puzzle, new vocabulary
  • Cognitive skills:¬†Problem-solving and planning skills
  • Perception skills:¬†Visual Figure Ground, Visual Spatial Orientation, Visual Closure Skills
  • Socio-emotional skills:¬†Social skills, sharing and cooperation.
Little Greyton - Country Puzzle
Little Greyton - Country Puzzle Sale priceR 470.00