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Woolable Rug Tundra - Blended Sheep Beige - 240 x 170

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Designer Washable Wool Rug

The true colours of natural wool stand out in this plush and elegant, long pile rug that is available in 3 sizes. Its large version serves as the perfect floor covering for the average living area.

Tufted mainly in a soft 2cm pile, this simple yet elegant design sports a strip of longer pile wool that emerges across the surface to provide texture and enhance the fabric's natural softness. This design comes in a beautiful shade of Blended Sheep Beige €“ a melange combining Middle Eastern Sheep White and Tunisian Sheep Beige wools.


  • Colours: Blended Sheep Beige
  • Washable wool rug: easy to wash
  • Handmade: carefully handmade one by one in a traditional way
  • Eco-friendly: Wool with non-toxic dyes
  • Easy to combine: you can combine it with other elements for achieving a warm and cosy atmosphere


  • Pile: 100% Wool
  • Base: Recycled Cotton


  • 240cm x 170cm


  • This is a handcrafted piece and a carefully designed product. Each piece is unique, which is why there may be small variations in colour and shape
  • Wool rugs will shed fibers when new and during use. This is not a defect, but a characteristic of the natural wool fiber used
  • An environmentally friendly product. Free from toxic dyes or contaminants
  • Certificate of Compliance (CPSIA), ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 certified
  • Made in India


  • For this size, we recommend a minimum capacity of 17kg
  • Wash separately at 30º, using a gentle cycle and a short program (max 30min)
  • Make sure you use a low spin cycle if the rug has braids or fringes
  • Do not bleach
  • Avoid using fabric softener
  • Do not leave the wet rug in the washer, as colours may bleed
  • Tumble dry at low temperature
  • Do not dry clean
Woolable Rug Tundra - Blended Sheep Beige - 240 x 170
Woolable Rug Tundra - Blended Sheep Beige - 240 x 170 Sale priceR 4,495.00 Regular priceR 8,990.00