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Article: The Ideal Study Space for Your Teen

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The Ideal Study Space for Your Teen

How To: Create the Perfect Study Space for Your Teens!

Homework becomes a part of daily routines, and it can often be a stressful time of the day for most families. Just like you have a place of work, whether it’s a home office or in a corporate building, your teen needs their own personal workspace to get their work done - a teen study.

The reality is that homes are less spacious nowadays, making parents cringe at the thought of incorporating a desk into your teen’s already busy room, while your teenager rolls their eyes at the thought of having no excuse to cut corners when it comes to homework and studying.

Here are our top three tips to keep in mind when integrating a stress-free and inviting study space into your teen's bedroom, whether you have the desk as a freestanding piece of furniture or being integrated with other elements of your space.

Smart Storage

When redesigning your teen’s room to incorporate a workspace pick functional, multi-purpose pieces. Think like a teen and work smarter not harder. Key furniture pieces can be used for more than one purpose, making life easier with pieces that can adapt to your teen’s lifestyle.

A teen’s life is a busy one - things are constantly happening, coming and going, so it helps to have smart storage to keep things as organised as possible and to keep the workspace distraction-free for when it comes time to study. Smart storage can also act as decor too. Like a wall shelf or bookcase. A wall shelf maintains the calmness of the room by using forgotten wall space and you can always add some personalization like photos or keepsakes, but don’t overdo it!

Another factor to keep in mind is that it is still a bedroom, so try not to take over space with work-related items. Being able to quickly alternate between uses is important. For example, a desk with a lot of drawers or boxes allows space to seamlessly transform from a room to relax to a space to get things done.

Don’t forget to include storage for their bags! Teens have to carry heavy bags with their books and work, so having a place to store their bags will ensure an organised, uncluttered room.

Linnea Standing Desk - CLM Home

Just like you have a place of work, whether it’s a home office or in a corporate building, your teen needs their own personal workspace to get their work done - a teen study.


Keep the Style

If there is one place that it’s important for your picky teen to like, it’s their bedroom. It’s probably the place where they spend most of their time, whether they are relaxing, studying, or scrolling through Social Media, so it is important that they have an area where they feel comfortable.

A clutter-free room will invite learning and keep any distractions at bay. Speaking of making learning inviting (a near-impossible task, we know) when creating your teen's workspace, set aside an area that is comfortable and that compliments the style of the room that will easily blend with the theme. Any teenager would admit that their bedroom is the perfect opportunity to show off their personal style, so it’s only right that their room would be full of everything they love, whether it’s a picture, a musical instrument or a collection of keepsakes, there is a space for it with smart furniture.

Modular furniture is revolutionizing the way we know furniture, as it allows you to design and re-design functional pieces to work for you according to your needs and mood, plus it lets the creativity flow!

Modular pieces allow for a compact layout that can decrease clutter and save space as it incorporates various elements without taking up too much space, for example, a modular set can create a bookshelf, a pedestal, or even a desk in some cases, by simply taking the modular boxes apart and re-designing to suit your furniture needs.

When space is limited this type of furniture comes in ideal for keeping bedrooms uncluttered.

Einstein Desk Lamp - CLM Home

Decor & Lighting

Did you know that colours influence our moods and our thoughts? So picking the right colour or theme for your teen’s room and study zone is kind of a big deal.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, a teenager needs 8-10 hours sleep, so a calm area is so important in a bedroom, especially one where you work too. Pastels always work well as a base colour, because it creates a calming aspect, no matter how many colourful books or textiles you may have in the room. Light colours are expansive and airy, making a room feel open, free and larger, while darker colours are more sophisticated, giving a room an intimate and opulent appearance.


Fun fact: Green is a great colour to use in a learning environment. It promotes calmness of thinking and concentration. Green is one of the best colours in decorating because it is so abundant in nature, so hop on the natural trend and stock up on some decorative plants!

Don’t forget to add lighting to the work zone for the late-night study sessions! A lamp that will assist your child and teenager during those arduous homework and study sessions is ideal. You want something that will provide sufficient illumination, as well as a dash of that indispensable cool factor.

Whether you choose a floating desk with colourful accessories or a corner desk that can be doubled up as a bedside table, there are many functional furniture options that can be built to accommodate your desired workspace and to maximise the space you have. After all, it’s about working with what you have, without having to compromise on what you want.

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