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Little Greyton - Hammering Toy

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A classic wooden toy with modern colours makes it a perfect addition to your nursery décor or toybox. This sturdy wooden toy will stimulate eye-hand coordination development as your toddler hits the wooden pegs into the holes.

With this beautiful shaped and inspired design, the pieces and hammer are easy to handle with small hands.

  • 150mm x 215mm x 100mma
  • Fine motor skills: Grasping an object and fitting it in the correct hole, eye-hand coordination.
  • Language skills: Hearing the hammer hit the pegs. When does it make a big noise?
  • Cognitive skills: Planning, problem-solving and where the pegs should fit.
  • Perception skills: Visual figure -ground as well as Visual-Spatial orientation.
  • Gross motor skills: : Bilateral coordination. For example -  As one hand holds  the bench, the other hand holds the hammer.
  • Socio-emotional skills: Social skills, sharing and cooperation.
Little Greyton - Hammering Toy
Little Greyton - Hammering Toy Sale priceR 470.00