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Little Greyton - House Stacker

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This open-ended wooden toy could quickly move from the nursery décor shelf onto the floor, where your child can explore, play, and learn with the sturdy pieces. The arches can also become bridges for cars, animals and alike during pretend play. The opportunities are endless.

With this beautiful shaped and inspired design, the pieces are easy to handle with small hands.

  • 140mm x 170mm x 30mm
  • Fine motor skills: Grasping and releasing an object at a specific place. Eye-Hand coordination.
  • Language skills: Naming the colours of the arches and positional words.
  • Cognitive skills: Planning, problem-solving and size comparison.
  • Perception skills: Visual figure -ground as well as Visual-Spatial orientation.
  • Gross motor skills: : Bilateral coordination. For example -  As one hand holds the other arches and the next arch is placed on top, midline crossing.
  • Socio-emotional skills: Social skills, sharing and cooperation.
Little Greyton - House Stacker
Little Greyton - House Stacker Sale priceR 470.00