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Little Greyton - Ring Stacker

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A beautiful wooden version of a classic toy that can be displayed in your nursery or placed in the toy basket. Your little one will enjoy stacking and exploring with the rings whilst improving hand-eye coordination simultaneously.

  • 180mm x 120mm x 120mm
  • Fine motor skills:¬†Grasping and fitting an object onto the pole, eye-hand coordination, and releasing the object onto the stacker.
  • Language skills:¬†New vocabulary, such as big and small. Naming colours
  • Cognitive skills:¬†Planning and problem-solving¬†where the rings should fit.
  • Perception skills:¬†Visual figure -ground, Visual-Spatial orientation and size discrimination.
  • Gross motor skills:¬†:¬†Bilateral coordination. For example - ¬†As one hand holds the other arches and the next arch is placed on top, midline crossing.
  • Socio-emotional skills:¬†Social skills, sharing and cooperation.
Little Greyton - Ring Stacker
Little Greyton - Ring Stacker Sale priceR 470.00