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Soform Mini Panels - Grey / Mustard

SKU: VOX-4021199
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A ready mini set of oval Soform upholstered panels with decorative quilting. The mustard and grey decoration will introduce a cozy atmosphere into the interior and will be perfect as a soft backrest.

The mini set consists of 2 Oval 3 panels: mustard and grey. It was composed by the stylist VOX.


  • The upholstered decoration can be used as a headrest, recess finish, hanger, or board with inspiration. In the last two applications, dedicated hooks and rubber bands will help
  • Soform upholstered panels help to insulate the wall and soundproof the room
  • The materials used are durable, and the upholstery fabric is easy to keep clean. It is enough to vacuum it regularly and use a mild upholstery cleaner from time to time
  • The panels will occupy a part of the wall with an area of 60x30 cm. They can be combined with mustard and grey set in a larger size: small, medium, or large


  • Body: 5 mm thick HDF board
  • Filling: upholstery foam 25 mm thick
  • Upholstery: upholstery fabric. In the case of the mustard panel, it is a soft Ton material with a velvety finish and a protective aperture. The grey panel is covered with an abrasion-resistant Angus fabric with a thick, diagonal weave


  • Width: 60 cm
  • Depth: 3 cm
  • Height: 30 cm


  • Installation of Soform panels is quick, non-invasive, and clean. Just apply glue or Velcro according to your preferences
Soform Mini Panels - Grey / Mustard
Soform Mini Panels - Grey / Mustard Sale priceR 406.00 Regular priceR 580.00